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I've been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for a week

With the lights out it's less dangerous

Felicia Butternuts
25 November
3 doors down, a perfect circle, afi, alien ant farm, all american rejects, almost famous, amanda, american hi-fi, ashley, band shirts, bass, beetlejuice, big, black sheep, blink 182, blue eyes, bobby, bowling for soup, bracelets, brittany, carebears, cds, cell phones, christine, cold, cold play, courtney, creed, danielle, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, dawn of the dead, disney movies, doug campbell, earrings, eminem, erik, erika, evan rachel wood, evanescence, eve 6, everclear, eyeliner, felicia, ferris buellers day off, final destination, finch, foo fighters, footloose, for keeps, freaks, fuel, gays, green day, green eyes, guitars, guys, guys in eyeliner, hair die, hair products, hair spray, halloween, hate mail, high-fives, hole, homeroom, jimmy eat world, john mayer, korn, kurt cobain, lainy, life house, lime green, linkin park, lip gloss, lips, love mail, lucas, marie, marilyn manson, maroon 5, mascara, match box 20, michelle branch, mohawks, monix, music, my so called life, nail polish, new found glory, nickelback, nicole, nirvana, no doubt, orange, p.o.d, perfume, phones, piercings, pigs, pink, posers, pretty in pink, puddle of mudd, rachel, rancid, red, rings, risky business, rocky horror picture show, scarface, scott, siliva, simile empty soul, simple plan, sixteen candles, staind, stand by me, straight hair, strawberry shortcake, sum 41, system of a down, t.a.t.u, tape, teen wolf, the 80's, the ataris, the breakfast club, the burbs, the butterfly effect, the calling, the hitcher, the offspring, the rules of attraction, the shining, the used, the white stripes, third eye blind, thirteen, tim, tommy boy, tool, train, trapt, white teeth